Federal Tax Refund Advance Billings MT

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Federal Tax Refund Advance
A federal tax refund advance is a short term loan designed to assist you with getting your federal tax refund directly into your bank account as quickly as one business day. You will get money quickly and conveniently with an iTax Advance federal tax refund advance. A Federal Tax Refund Advance offers you a convenient way to receive money faster than a mailed federal refund check from the IRS, and with iTax Advance you can use a tax preparer or electronically file your taxes. iTax Advance does not assist you with filing your taxes but we do assist you with getting cash into your bank account much, much quicker.

Tax Returns Not Needed for Federal Tax Refund Advance

Your income is your good credit so our lenders will never ask for copies of your tax returns. Use either your federal tax refund or your state tax refund to pay back the advance.